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Theatre Production IV: Directing

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Theatre Production IV: Directing is a course designed to give students an opportunity to explore the art and the craft of directing. Students will spend the first semester studying directing styles, script analysis and the role of the director. The second semester will be spent working with beginning acting students to build directing portfolios and implementing fundamentals learned during the first semester. 

The directing class is an opportunity for students to explore theatre as a collaborative art form, and they will be encouraged to work with their peers and establish good working relationships. Students will be expected to maintain a professional demeanor with fellow directors and actors alike.

1st 6 Weeks : Who’s Who?

2nd 6 Weeks : Making a Book/Script Analysis

3rd 6 Weeks : Critiques and Styles

4th 6 Weeks : Scene 1

5th 6 Weeks : Scene 2

6th 6 Weeks : Scene 3

Grading Policy

      Daily Participation               40%

      Projects                        30%

      Journal                         15%

      Performance Critique             15%

Participation – Will be calculated at the end of each week, the student will receive a total of 6 participation grades each six weeks. Each student will begin with a 100% participation grade, and points will be subtracted for disruptive classroom behavior.

Projects – Each six weeks will culminate in a project to be completed by the student in accordance with the grading rubric provided by the instructor.

Journal – Students will keep a daily journal, to be kept in the classroom, grades will be computed every six weeks on the basis of satisfactory participation in the journaling process.

Performance Critique – Students are required to attend one theatrical performance each semester and return a typewritten critique with an attached ticket stub or program. Students are encouraged to attend Cedar Ridge productions, but outside productions are also acceptable. Critiques are to be turned in within one school week of attending the performance.


      Composition Notebook

      Writing utensil and paper

      Student Calendar

Syllabus is subject to changes at the discretion of the instructor.

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