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Volunteer Opportunities

Join our stage here at Theatre at the Ridge by volunteering your time for an enjoyable and exciting cause. Theatre at the Ridge thrives, in part, through the contributions of a wonderful group of volunteers who are involved in many of the thrilling aspects of the theatre's operations. No matter what your background is, you will always feel at home with the Theatre at the Ridge family. Join us behind the scenes by volunteering to support the staff in the Fundraising, Marketing, Patron Services, Production, and Social Activities. Some of these volunteer opportunities take place at the theatre office at Cedar Ridge High School during and after normal school hours, while many may be done from home.


Many of our local corporate employers have Volunteer grant programs. For every hour you volunteer some employers will pay a dollar amount to an organization that is an approved non profit.  Please be sure to check with your employers HR department and ask if they have a Volunteer Grant program. If so, look for the CRHS Theatre Booster Club and select us as the recipient for your volunteer hour grant! For links or instructions on how to log or submit your volunteer hours with many local companies click on the link below:

Employer Instructions - Volunteer Grants

Fundraising Crew

Assists Theatre Booster Club with organizing fundraising activities for the Booster Club.

  • Research items to sell for Theatre Merchandise
  • Organize Raider Car Show fundraiser
  • Organize Silent Auction / Musical performances.
  • Solicit donations and sponsorship from businesses
  • Solicit advertisements for musical program booklet and memory book
  • Plan monthly Meet & Greet fundraising events at restaurants

Patron Services Crew:

Provides services for theatre patrons

  • Ticket Sales & Will Call
  • Concessions
  • Lobby Decorations
  • Ticket Usher
  • Information Nights

Production Crew

Assists Theatre Booster Club by assisting Theatre Directors with items for productions.

  • Purchasing props
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Set-up & Tear-down after productions
  • Costumes (Sewing & Hemming)
  • Costumes (Measurements & Organization)
  • Costumes (Cleaning & Transporting)
  • Set Construction / Painting
  • Meals/Snacks for Rehearsals & Shows
  • Serving Meals & Clean-up after Meals
  • Odd Jobs / Picking up Supplies

Publicity Crew

Assists Theatre Booster Club Webmaster with advertising shows, capturing photos of events for marketing materials and publicity materials.

  • Photographer
  • Press Release Writer
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Updating Website
  • Data Entry & Emailing

Social Activities Crew

Assists Theatre Directors and Booster Club with organizing social functions for the theatre students and parents. i.e. attending local plays and musicals

  • Cast Parties
  • Theatre Banquet
  • Professional Theatre Opportunities

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