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What is the Zombie Experience?

It is an interactive haunted house produced by the Cedar Ridge theatre department each year in Round Rock, Texas. Cedar Ridge High School has been turned into SAFE ZONE 43-Z and is open to all those who have endured the zombie apocalypse and are seeking food, shelter and water.

How much are tickets (passports) to the event? Tickets, also known as passports, are $15 each and must be purchased at the door. If you would like to skip ahead of the line, we also have URGENT CARE passes available for $35 each.

What is an URGENT CARE pass and how does if benefit the ticketholder?

An URGENT CARE pass serves as a “Fast Pass” to SAFE ZONE 43-Z. While you must still go through all of the security checkpoints, nurses’ stations, and grouping, it allows you to skip ahead and go straight to the front of each line. Overall, the URGENT CARE pass could save you up to a couple hours waiting in line. Each person in your group MUST purchase a $35 URGENT CARE pass if you are choosing this option for your experience!

How long does the Zombie Experience last?

It all depends on when you get in line and how big the crowd is when you purchase your ticket (passport). While the experience inside the building lasts approximately 30 minutes, the process of going through security checkpoints and the nurses’ stations has taken some up to 4 hours in past years.

What is the average group size for going through the experience?

The experience was designed for groups of at least 6 people. However, we do allow groups of up to 10 people to go through together. If you are in a group of 4, please know that we will add a group of 2-4 to your group.

The Zombie advertising says it lasts from 7:00 PM – Midnight. Does it last that long?

Passport (tickets) will open for sale to the public starting at 6:30 PM each night. We hope to start our first group run by 7:00 PM each night. Due to a limited number of tickets, as soon as we have maxed out our ticket sales each night we will have to stop selling tickets. We can only accommodate approximately 1,100 people each night in SAFE ZONE 43-Z. Last year we sold out on Friday night by 7:00 PM!

Where should I park if I am going through The Zombie Experience? There are multiple parking lots on the Cedar Ridge campus. We recommend you park in the side parking lot by the football field & baseball field. If that is full, you can park in the back parking lots by the portables and the tennis courts. The front parking lot and the Natatorium parking lots will be closed on the nights of the event.

Why do those going through the experience have to shut their phone off once they enter the building?

We require that all those going through SAFE ZONE 43-Z turn their cell phones off as a security measure. We want to protect our high school students performing from being recorded or having pictures taken of them during the event since they are all minors. We also do not want those going through the experience to lose, drop, or damage their phone. We recommend that you secure your device in your pocket or with someone who has a pocket to protect it during your time at SAFE ZONE 43-Z.

If my child is going through the EXPERIENCE, how long should I anticipate to wait for them? The wait time is completely dependent on how many passport holders are in line ahead of your child. We run groups through back to back all night with very few stops or breaks in order to accommodate as many people as possible each year. Some people wait an hour while others may have to wait several hours. If you are in a hurry and do not want to spend a great deal of time waiting, we encourage your child and their group to purchase an URGENT CARE (Fast Pass) for $35 each to skip ahead in lines. - Can I bring a purse or small bag with me into SAFE ZONE 43-Z? NO purses or bags are allowed in the Safe Zone. You will be able to check your purse and/or bag prior to entering the Safe Zone. We will have you tag your bag with your name and phone number before entering the building. It will be waiting for you at the RATION STATION at the end of the experience for you when you are done with your experience. 

What is the age recommendation for those attending the event?

We do not have an age requirement for the event. Most students are in middle school, high school and college who attend each year. However, elementary students have enjoyed the experience as well. That call is completely up to you!

What if someone bails out during the experience and is too scared to continue? No worries if you get scared while in Safe Zone 43-Z. We have protocols in place to take people of all ages out of the experience if it is just too much for them to handle. However, please know that we do not offer refunds to those in line or in the experience.

Is The Zombie Experience a good way to celebrate the month of October?

Yes! If you are looking for a fun and unique event to attend this month, we highly recommend the Zombie Experience. It is fun for friends and families to enjoy if they are looking for some spooky fun to kick off the Halloween season!

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